Amazon Kindle Textbook Creator lets users create educational content

Amazon has introduced its new Kindle Textbook Creator, a tool that lets users create digital textbooks and related materials that include educational elements, not the least of which are flashcards. Students will then be able to access this content on the same devices other Kindle content can be accessed on, including their Fire tablets. The tool is currently in a beta stage, and as with the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, those interested are able to directly upload their content for others to enjoy.

Amazon revealed the new beta option yesterday, saying it is a segment of the larger Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Under it, users can upload a PDF file with their textbook and have it transformed into a Kindle book. Given the nature of tablets and smartphones, users are able to give readers additional features that aren't available with an ordinary paper book, as well.

With the Kindle Textbook Creator, the resulting ebooks that are created offer several different features to readers, among them being the aforementioned flashcards, as well as the ability to highlight content in different colors, which also helps in categorizing it; there's also a notebook for taking notes including copying in passages.

A dictionary is also available to students, letting them more easily look up definitions and information on Wikipedia and elsewhere. As with other Kindle books, users will be able to access the content on whatever devices they have with the Kindle app, such as toggling between a tablet and a smartphone. The same KDP financial terms apply as in other segments of the platform.

SOURCE: BusinessWire