Amazon Kindle for PC launches

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We first caught wind of the Amazon Kindle for PC application back in October when it was announced with a vague launch date of November. Amazon announced yesterday that the Kindle for PC application is now available for download. The app turns your notebook or desktop into an eReader to access the Amazon digital book site.

You can download the free application from Amazon now and books are usually $9.99 or less. In case you missed the first post about the application last month, I will run down the details for you. You can use the app to purchase books from the Kindle Store. Users can read the beginning of any book before they purchase.

The app also lets users access the books they previously purchased on their computer. Ten different font sizes are supported and the number of words per line can be adjusted. When you stop, your page is automatically bookmarked for you. Windows 7 users with a touch compatible computer can also zoom in and out with pinch gestures and turn pages with a finger swipe.