Amazon Kindle for Android Now Available

Amazon's on a roll with good news today. Apparently, company's have begun to think that rolling announcements out in waves is a good way to go about things. It makes a good day for consumers, that's for sure. We just reported that the iOS application has been updated, and now we can say that the Kindle for Android application has officially broken its Beta shell, and moved into the public's Android Market. Looks like we don't have to wait for that Samsung Vibrant, after all.

There's not much new here, but that's not a bad thing. You'll be able to download any of the available 600,000 and more books from the Kindle Store, but it won't come from the application itself. Instead, you'll be kicked out to the Kindle Store in your Browser, and from there you'll be able to purchase the book you want, or download a few chapters for free if it's available for the book you want. After you buy it, you'll be put back into the app, and from there Amazon's WhisperSync will take care of the rest.

The application looks similar to the iPhone version, and that's not a bad thing either. Even if it doesn't support embedded audio/video. You're able to flick pages to the left and right, but there's no animation that comes with it — you'll just be at the next page, like magic. You can change font size, as well as the background color as well as brightness, just by hitting the Menu key. It's a free download from the Market, and it's available right now. So, if you already haven't, get your downloading on and let us know what you think of it.

[via Android Community]