Amazon Kindle DX Graphite Now Shipping to Customers

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It seems like the last few weeks have been all about eReaders. Even with some other high profile launches, it felt like gravity kept pulling us back to talk about what Barnes and Noble was doing, or what Amazon was changing around. And, while price drops galore was some great news for people out there still waiting to get their hands on their first eReader, Amazon's other surprise, the announcement of a cheaper, darker version of their Kindle DX didn't miss out on its own share of the limelight. And now it's about to get better for everyone who bought their very own.

We're getting word that folks are starting to get confirmations that their orders are shipping out. Which means they'll be able to get their hands on that Pearl display any day now. What's better for those who were waiting to buy the new eReader, it looks like Amazon's still got some in stock tucked away in some of those warehouses, so if you didn't pre-order and you're still aching to get your hands on a graphite Kindle DX, now's the chance to do it. So, did anyone out there drop the $379 to get one of their own? Let us know in the comments.

[via Amazon; thanks Mark!]