Amazon kicks off in-app purchasing and GameCircle for third-party developers

There is a lot of money to be made any app market today if you can create an appealing and fun application. Many of the apps that are being published feature in-app purchasing and other things to help part users with their money. Amazon has announced that it is now making it easy for third-party developers to enable in-app purchasing and GameCircle features in their games.

Amazon is doing this by launching free Unity plug-ins for the Amazon In-App Purchasing and Amazon GameCircle APIs. Amazon tells developers that adding in-app purchasing and GameCircle will improve monetization for their games and increase engagement.

Amazon's Unity game development platform brings a number of tools to the developer toolbox allowing them to create improved interactive experiences more efficiently. The development platform also offers binaries targeted for specific platforms such as Android and allows developers to publish to the Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore for Android. Developers wanting to start using these new features from Amazon can get software needed from Amazon's Mobile App Distribution Portal.

Amazon's In-App Purchasing API launched earlier this year and enables developers to sell digital content and subscriptions within the game apps. Amazon says that these In-App Purchasing transactions generate more than twice the money of the average purchase transaction. Amazon's GameCircle API provides features that improve engagement with Achievements, Leader boards, and more.