Amazon job listing hints home cleaning service heading to Prime

In the near future, some Amazon Prime members may be able to order home cleaning help through the subscription service, at least if a new job listing is anything to go by. A pair of job listings have surfaced on Amazon's website for "Home Assistant" workers who will help customers "with tidying up around the home." The job listings are only for the Seattle region, however.

The job posts are for a service that appears to be called Amazon Assistants. These people will be in-home cleaners tasked with things like doing the laundry, 'tidying' up, putting away groceries, and more. 'You will assure that customers return to an errand-free home,' according to the job listing. The company says workers will receive on-site training and job benefits like health insurance and company stock.

The job listing includes relatively demanding qualifications for what is essentially a janitorial service, including three years of minimum relevant experience as a 'basic qualification' and at least half a decade of experience preferred. Other preferred qualifications include things like a college degree or equivalency to such and being 'tech savvy.'

These home cleaners will use their own transportation to travel to the customer's home, where they will among other things 'identify opportunities to delight customers.' The job listings don't detail what kind of pay comes with such a job, and it doesn't appear Amazon has made any official statements about this service at this time. Given the service only seems to be hiring in Seattle, it is likely this is an early experiment for something that may never roll out at a larger level.

SOURCE: Seattle Times