Amazon is giving Prime users video credit for choosing slower shipping

Amazon has given its Prime subscribers a new perk, and it comes in the form of slower shipping. What's the benefit of choosing the slower free shipping option? A $1 Amazon Instant Video Credit, potentially shaving down the costs of that series you plan to binge-watch in the future.

The change was spotted by the folks at BetaBeat, who say they saw the feature appear last night on a book order. As you can see in the screenshot, the slower shipping option is below "standard" shipping and quite a bit slower than two-day shipping. Called No-Rush shipping, it looks like buyers would be waiting a solid week or so to get their package.

The move appears to be an effort in getting subscribers to use Amazon Instant Video, though that explanation isn't an official one. Amazon doesn't appear to have made any sort of official reveal for the new option as of yet.

A $1 video credit would typically be enough to pay for half a television episode, so the frugal folks among us who don't mind exercising their patience can get a free episode with two orders on No-Rush Shipping.

SOURCE: BetaBeat