Amazon Go cashierless store tech tipped to launch in movie theaters

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 30, 2019, 4:02 pm CDT
Amazon Go cashierless store tech tipped to launch in movie theaters

Amazon is looking to bring the technology behind its cashierless stores to movie theaters and airports, a new leak claims. The leak comes nearly a year after a similar report alleged Amazon was in talks with major US airports about installing some of its Amazon Go stores at the facilities, enabling travelers to grab convenience items in one of the Internet giant’s futuristic shops.

Amazon Go is a convenience store that uses a variety of technologies to eliminate human cashiers and the checkout process, instead enabling customers to grab what they want off shelves and then leave. The items are automatically charged to the card on the customer’s Amazon account, making the entire process rapid and painless, at least when compared to stores with long lines.

Whereas last year’s leak claimed Amazon was looking into installing its Go stores in some airports, a new report from CNBC claims the company is in talks about bringing the technology to existing stores found in some movie theaters and airport shops. The upside to this arrangement is clear: Amazon would provide the technology, but wouldn’t need to take on the expense and risk of launching its own shops in airports.

As well, the company could target markets it otherwise would have trouble approaching, such as the snack stores located within theaters. For consumers, the technology would offer massive convenience, eliminating time spent waiting in line — that latter benefit could be particularly welcome in places where time spent waiting means missing out on the fun, including the aforementioned movie theaters and sporting stadiums.

The report claims Amazon has been in talks about bringing this technology to Regal theaters and CIBO Express stores in airports; as well, consideration is allegedly taking place behind closed doors about potentially approaching baseball stadiums. The leak claims Amazon wants to start installing its Go tech for third-party shops in Q1 2020, offering these shops an ‘upgrade’ that may be completed in as rapidly as two weeks.

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