Amazon Germany Has a Leaky iLife '11 Valve

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It's been quite a while since we had any news about the iLife suite of programs, way back in 2009! Oh my goodness that's forever ago. Since then there's been a lot of relatively uninteresting iLife news, but now there's this! A leak! If you head over to Amazon Germany and find the iLife product page and check on the "All Offers" box on the sidebar, there's a super sneaky secret: the release date for iLife '11! October 20th, 2010. And you know what that day is, yes?

The price is also a slightly interesting point unless you consider the price of an imported McDonald's hamburger.* *They're cheap in England, but when you consider the exchange rate, those burgers are twice as much! 9to5Mac notes that while both the US version and the German version cost 49, the US version is dollars and the German version is Euros. Difference!

Also note that we will be live-casting the Back to the Mac event on Wednesday (that's October 20, 2010 for everyone keeping count) and all the info related to this iLife release will be tossed over to you as we get it, instantly!

[Via MacStories]