Amazon Fling takes on Google casting: share media with Fire TV

Amazon has introduced its own competitor to Google casting, a new feature called Amazon Fling and the related Amazon Fling SDK that allows developers to add a flinging option to their apps for Fire TV. The Amazon Fling SDK was introduced today, and with it developers can design their apps to "fling" videos, images, and audio from their smartphone to their television. The functionality can be added to existing Android and iOS apps. On the user's end of things, flinging content is as simple as tapping a button.

Adding Amazon Fling to an existing iOS or Android app will result in a Fling icon being available in-app. Tapping the icon will cause the phone or tablet's content to appear on the television via the Amazon Fire TV. Controlling that content on the TV can be done through the mobile device or using the Amazon Fire TV remote.

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Amazon is careful to point out that developers can modify existing casting apps to include the Fire TV casting option. A pair of apps have already integrated the Amazon Fling feature: Karaoke Party by Red Karaoke, and Rivet Radio. The first allows song lyrics to be shown on TV, while the other uses Fling to listen to content on a television.

Developers who are interested can get started with Amazon's new Fling documentation, which details everything needed to begin using the new SDK. You can download the SDK here, and find out more at Amazon's developers page.

SOURCE: TechCrunch