Amazon Fire TV name confirmed, details still MIA

The advent of the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers have practically pushed HDMI into streaming dongles out of the spotlight. While those two categories can and do work in tandem, it seems that the market is at least gravitating more towards faceless speakers and disembodied voices that don't need a screen to function. Amazon, however, might have a way to bring them together into one. It has practically confirmed the existence of the Amazon Fire TV Cube that could very well be a fusion of Amazon's two device lines.

This isn't the first time the Fire TV Cube popped up out of nowhere. First time was last September when AFTVNews published two new Fire TV devices. One of them was the diamond-shaped 3rd gen Fire TV which brought 4K support to the device line. If they were right with one, maybe they're also right with the other.

It turns out that just might be the case. A landing and sign up page for "What is Fire TV Cube" is practically Amazon's official acknowledgment that such a thing does exist. Or it is at least using the name in some capacity. It invites the curious to sign up for more details that are promised to come soon.

Given the name and the design of the splash page, we can make a few guesses already. Amazon used "Pendant" for the 3rd gen Fire TV and that's precisely what it looked like. While the cube design by itself is already intriguing, its ties to the Amazon Echo, seemingly confirmed by the blue light on the splash image is even more so. The box will have physical controls on top, just like an Echo Dot, which makes a remote control unnecessary in some contexts.

In short, the Fire TV Cube is an Amazon Echo Dot in a Box that you connect to a TV. Amazon might position the device as a poor man's Echo Show with a leaning more towards video content consumption. Without much more to go on and with no regular Amazon schedule to rely on, we can only wait for the retailer to make its next big step in the smart home market.