Amazon Fire TV gets new Free section to help users find more content

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it is adding a 'Free' section to the top bar on the Fire TV interface, making it easy for users to find free content from a variety of sources. The content featured in the new menu is curated, according to Amazon, which says that users will find a mixture of movies, TV shows, news, and other ad-supported streaming options.

Many consumers have streaming service fatigue, meaning the number of paid streaming services has grown to the point that some consumers are no longer interested in signing up for another one. Because of this, many companies are turning to free ad-supported streaming services as places to put their older and less notable content, using it to get ad revenue while giving consumers a totally free option.

As the number of free services grows, however, it can be tricky to find the content you're looking for. Some platforms show all available apps for specific content the users search for, but this is only useful if you already know what you want to watch. Amazon's new Fire TV 'Free' section makes it possible to browse free content to see what is available.

One particularly useful aspect of this new Free category is that it highlights apps that offer free streaming content, helping users identify which free ad-supported platforms are available. Fire TV supports a number of these apps, including Tubi, IMDb TV, The CW, Crackle, Pluto TV, and other similar offerings.

Overall, these apps provide users with access to more than 20,000 free TV show episodes and movies, all of which is directly accessible on Fire TV. Amazon says that it will refresh the curated content it shows in its Free tab regularly and that content will be presented mostly in thematic rows. Users can expect personalized recommendations, as well.