Amazon Fire TV brings in Grand Theft Auto franchise, Twitch

Amazon's Fire TV has a very strong gaming angle, which is evident by their in-house game development studio. With a proprietary controller, Fire TV makes a case for itself as a gaming platform along with the Amazon marketplace. Today, they announce that Rockstar is bringing several of their Grand Theft Auto titles to the Fire TV, and Twitch will get the nod as well.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will come to Amazon, along with San Andreas and GTA 3. Originally console games, they're some of the better Android ports to date. The games do work best in a living room setting, though, so they're a great match for the Fire TV.

Twitch, which is where gamers tend to hang out, is also headed for the Fire TV. Amazon says the channel is available starting today for viewing and streaming, so if you're a Fire TV gamer, check it out.

With the GTA series, Amazon has a unique offer on the table. If you purchase GTA: San Andreas, you'll get 2,000 Amazon Coins as a gift. You can then turn around and purchase the other two titles in the franchise with those coins, so it's like a "buy one, get two" sale! Even better, you'll have a bit left over to go toward other titles on offer today like Riptide 2.

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