Amazon Echo devices get Pandora Premium streaming support

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 19, 2018, 6:01pm CST
Amazon Echo devices get Pandora Premium streaming support

Pandora’s subscription service Pandora Premium is now supported by Amazon’s Echo devices. The new support expands the already available Pandora streaming option available to Echo owners, enabling them to access playlists, specific songs, full albums, and more. Users can choose to make Pandora their default music streaming service accessible through Alexa.

By enabling the new support, customers who pay for the full roster of Pandora features are able to enjoy them via Alexa in a way not previously possible. The regular Pandora service comes with limited functionality, offering a “radio station” that plays random songs related to the user’s tastes.

Pandora Premium costs $9.99/month and enables users to search for specific songs, create playlists with their favorite content, download music for offline listening, access a higher quality audio feed, eliminate advertisements, and replay or skip content as often as they’d like

The new Alexa support brings those perks to Echo devices. Users can utilize Amazon’s personal assistant to retrieve specific songs, albums, or playlists from their Premium account via Echo, Echo Dot, and related products, skip or replay songs, and avoid audio ads altogether.

Echo device owners already had other “premium” features through competing music services like Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify. The devices continue to lack support for YouTube Music and Apple Music, though that’s not surprising given the competitive nature between the three companies.

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