Amazon Diving Into Digital Video Games?

We know that Amazon's selling Xbox LIVE digital content, and they're probably doing pretty well for themselves with all of that. But, it just wouldn't be Amazon if they didn't think ahead, and look into what the future could hold for them. So, after selling someone else's digital content, it looks like Amazon might be preparing to start doing it themselves. If a posting for a new career alludes to anything, that is.

If you're into "stealth projects," and you've got the chops to be a Senior Product Manager, then maybe this position is right for you. Of course, you'll have to be smart, enthusiastic, and analytical, so take that into account. And yes, you'll be developing, and launching, this project. Considering it's a "completely new type of technology for customers," why wouldn't you want to jump on board this endeavor?

We have no idea what this could be. Going off the success of something like Xbox LIVE content might be a good idea, but we don't know if that's necessarily what they would want to base it off of, so that's purely our conjecture. Of course, Amazon's one of the largest digital retailers on the planet, so maybe this isn't that far of a leap for them, after all. What do you think? Could you see yourself buying your next digital video game from Amazon, by Amazon?

[via Engadget]