Is Down, It's Not Just You [UPDATE: Back In Business]

Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers, experienced a significant amount of downtime today, and it seems users all across the US had issues trying to access the website. Series of errors have been reported when trying to access the Amazon homepage, with "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" being the bane of the website's current existence.

While a temporary downage isn't something to get too worked up about, it seems that Amazon was down for quite a while. However, as product pages and even Amazon's S3 cloud service began to pop back online, the Amazon homepage itself was still down, which has been raising eyebrows and questions for most of the day.

It turns out, however, that a hacker group by the name of Nazi Gods has taken credit for the downtime, and while pretty much anyone could take credit for it, the group even went to Twitter to explain how they did it. Still, though, we're taking that with a slight grain of salt, especially considering that the group claimed that Amazon had its homepage on its own server, which doesn't quite make sense.

Amazon hasn't commented on the downtime, but in any case, the website is fully back up and running. The company has had a couple of issues with its online services recently, the biggest being the extended downtime that affected Netflix and a string of other popular websites about a month ago.

Update: "The gateway page of was offline to some customers for approximately 49 minutes" Amazon told us in a statement. "Other pages of the site were accessible and AWS was not impacted."

[via Gizmodo]