Amazon Cloud Player for iOS hits BMW and MINI Cooper

Chris Burns - Dec 3, 2013
Amazon Cloud Player for iOS hits BMW and MINI Cooper

A hearty collection of BMW and MINI Cooper vehicles have just joined the cloud music universe with a boost to Amazon Cloud Player starting this month. This addition of Amazon Cloud Player app goodness will allow BMW Apps and MINI Connected equipped vehicles from model year 2011 and forward to partake, just so long as they’re working with Amazon Cloud Player for iOS. This service is, indeed, connected between a MINI Cooper or BMW user and his or her iPhone, and iPhone only – for now.

This new connection allows users to work with high-quality 256kbps audio straight out of the app download. This includes all the music you’ve uploaded to the Amazon Cloud, just so long as you’ve uploaded music that’s worthy of this highest-quality delivery. You’ll also need to have an active data connection as this service is strictly web-dependent – unless you’ve downloaded all the music through the service to your device, that is.

This service works with the iPhone and iPod touch, making use of the vehicles controller and screen as it does so. Activation of the Amazon Cloud Player connection with this wave of BMW and MINI Cooper automobiles requires the newest version of the app for iOS. This app is, as always, available through the iTunes App Store from Apple.

At the moment you’ll not be able to work with the integrated touchscreen experience as well here with Android as you will with iOS, but you’ll still be able to connect with a standard audio out cord – supposing you’ve got that connected to your vehicle. The Amazon Cloud Player app works on a variety of devices, but is only guaranteed starting this month to work with the full top-to-bottom integration with BMW and MINI Cooper vehicles as described above.

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