Amazon Cloud Drive, Cloud Player Now With Unlimited Music Storage

Amazon was first to offer a cloud-based music locker back in March beating out competitors Google and Apple. Despite its early arrival, Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services still have a tough battle ahead against the imminent iCloud-powered iTunes juggernaut. Perhaps as a preemptive measure, Amazon today announced several new improvements to its cloud music service that hopes to lure new users with unlimited music storage.

Today's announcement from Amazon revealed three major enhancements that include unlimited space for music, free storage for all Amazon mp3 purchases, and Cloud Player for Web for the iPad. For a limited time, customers who purchase a Cloud Drive storage plan, even the lowest-priced plan of $20 per year for 20GB will get unlimited space for music. The Cloud Drive stores a variety of digital files besides music files, but now any additional music files won't count against the quota.

Any mp3 purchases made through Amazon will be stored for free in the Cloud Drive, including purchases made before the launch of the Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. Additionally, the Cloud Player for Web, which allows customers to play music stored in their Cloud Drive on any Android device, Mac, and PC, will now be available on the iPad as well.

[via BGR]