Amazon auto rip tipped by sources

Shane McGlaun - Jan 10, 2013
Amazon auto rip tipped by sources

Sources are claiming that online giant Amazon and is set to launch a new effort called auto rip. People in the music industry have lamented for years the demise of the CD because there is more profit in people purchasing entire CD albums than individual digital tracks. Sources are claiming that Amazon is set to launch auto rip to help lure consumers back to purchasing physical CDs.

According to the sources, auto rip will automatically add songs to an Amazon user’s digital locker at no additional cost when they purchase a complete CD. The sources claim that Amazon might even offer the auto rip service for CDs the consumers purchased in the past. What this means is that users will be able to buy a physical CD to listen to in the car or in their home stereo and get free digital tracks that they can use on digital devices such as smartphones and tablets automatically.

According to the sources, once the digital tracks are in a users Amazon cloud locker, they would be able to access the music from any Web-enabled device. While the feature is being referred to internally as auto rip according to the sources, the final name for the service may be different. Offering digital tracks from CDs people purchased in the past seems like a tall order.

I can only imagine with the number of years Amazon has been around that the company has sold a massive amount of CDs. If the sources are correct about Amazon’s plans for auto rip, the service sounds quite a bit like what movie studios are trying to do with UltraViolet. Many Blu-rays and DVDs automatically come with a digital version that can be accessed online.

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