Amazon Apple Watch app 1-Click works, even accidentally

There's a saying that goes "be careful what you wish for", and it seems that the adage applies even more so to the Apple Watch. And quite literally too. To be fair, the Amazon app for the smartwatch is probably to blame. Or to be more precise, its sometimes handy "1-Click" to buy feature can actually become a nightmare for Apple Watch users, especially when the large orange Purchase button sits precariously on top of a very small "Add to wishlist" line in the smartwatch app.

The Amazon app for the Apple Watch is admittedly quite useful. It lets users search for items by voice and, if necessary, even put up an order for it right on their wrist. Given the small space and limited time available when using a smartwatch, Amazon's 1-Click feature sounds like a natural fit.

The problem, however, lies a bit on the execution. The purchase button is, understandably, huge and takes up most of the screen. However, the option to add the item to a wishlist is smaller, just one line of text. Aside from possibly accidentally hitting the Buy button when you were aiming for the wishlist, you can also accidentally hit the Buy button altogether, and your transaction will be processed immediately, no questions asked.

Watch this poor fellow make that latter error at the 1:40 mark:

Of course, one can go to a computer to cancel that order, but the damage, psychologically and emotionally, has been done. That is, of course, presuming you have immediate access to a computer or a full mobile device at the time of the accident. There are perhaps a few ways Amazon can remedy the situation. It could, perhaps, disable the 1-Click option for smartwatches or implement some other foolproof mechanism. It could perhaps also make it possible to cancel an order right from the Apple Watch itself. It might turn out to be a bit inconvenient, but Apple Watch owners with playful toddlers might appreciate the added safety net more.