Amazon Android app store and Android Tablet tipped

Amazon is tipped to be preparing its own Android marketplace, challenging the official Android Market with their own developer offering and hoping to lure in coders with the possibility of being features on the retailer's well-trafficked site.  Meanwhile there's also talk of an Amazon tablet, produced alongside rather than replacing the Kindle, and itself running Android.

Developers will be charged $99 to take part, and receive either 70-percent of the purchase price or 20-percent of the list price (intended, apparently, to stop coders selling their apps cheaper elsewhere).  In return they'll be expected to update the Amazon app store versions of software at the same time as they do for the Android Market and other stores, and they'll have to accept the retailer's DRM.

The store will be US only, at least to begin with, and Amazon keeps executive control over how apps are priced; if they don't like your numbers, they can change them or even pull the app altogether.  Details on the tablet, meanwhile, are pretty much a mystery, though TechCrunch's source has apparently got a reasonable history of accurate tips.

[via Android Market]