Amazon 4-Star Retail Store Offers Items With High User Ratings

Amazon is opening a new type of retail store in New York City called Amazon 4-star. As the name suggests, this store is selling items that have a rating of at least 4 stars with few exceptions. The destination covers a variety of products in many categories, including kitchen, home, games, and electronics. The company is also leveraging its customer data to offer collections like "Most-Wished-For."

Amazon announced the new store on its blog today, stating that it will be located in the SoHo neighborhood in NYC between Crosby and Lafayette. The store will specialize in offering products that either have a 4-star or higher rating, or that come from new/trending sellers or top sellers.

According to the company, more than 1.8 million of its products have a perfect 5-star rating and all of its products have a collective 4.4-star average. The company is offering products based on category and within collections. There are smart home devices, for example, particularly Amazon's own Echo offerings.

Some items are split up into groups like "Trending Around NYC" and products commonly added to Amazon Wish Lists. The company is helping hawk items by using customer reviews showcased on customer review cards. The store also offers the opportunity to try out Amazon devices and Alexa-based accessories, such as the Echo.

Amazon 4-star will start accepting customers tomorrow, remaining open seven days a week with Prime members getting the online price.

SOURCE: Amazon