Amazingly small Robots from Sandia National Labs

Just imagine a swarm of robots attacking you, each of them on your own, you could stop with two fingers, but a whole swarm, and you're done. Well they aren't quite attack robots, but they are small, less than an ounce in weight and under a quarter-inch cubed in volume.

Is it just me, or do those "treads" look like small rubber bands? Anyways, they are really small and only run off three really small watch batteries. And the whole swarming thing, yeah, that's how they are supposed to work, but its to accomplish various tasks, not to eat you alive.

An 8K ROM processor is what runes this thing, there is also a temperature sensor on board. You can add a miniature camera, microphone, or a chemical sensor. They'll go over several types of terrain, within reason, since if they tip, its game over, and they will move at a speed of up to 20...inches....per minute.

Tiny robots, smaller than a quarter [via technabob]