Amazing Spider-Man 2 full-length trailer unveiled

Chris Burns - Dec 5, 2013, 10:35am CST
Amazing Spider-Man 2 full-length trailer unveiled

Today the Amazing Spider-Man 2 appears in the first full-length trailer to be shown to the public. What you’ve got here is a glimpse at the full collection of villains our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is set to face off against right alongside teasers for the next generation. This trailer shows so much, you might just want to skip it.

Right off the bat you’ll see Harry Osborne speaking with Peter Parker about the future – about how he’s been under surveillance by Oscorp, the central business in charge of oddity in this particular film series. There you’ll find Norman Osborn appearing at the head of mayhem, aiming the business at “changing the world” – a phrase you should well recognize at this point as being inherently evil in the Marvel Comics universe.

You’ll see just the (controversially metal) horn of the Rhino. You’ll see some up-close looks at Electro. You’ll see just a shadow of the Green Goblin himself.

You’ll also see a short walk through Oscorp showing bits and pieces of future villains. Very plain to see is the tentacles of Doctor Octopus and some metallic wings that may – for whatever odd reason – be fit for The Vulture in the near future. Another distinct possibility is a crossover effort with the X-Men (though we doubt it) and the metal wings of Archangel – here’s hoping.

Have a peek at this trailer if you dare, and don’t say we didn’t warn you: you’ll know basically the full details of the film by the time you’re done.

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