AM General selected for $64.5 million military contract for BRV-O

The vehicle that the military uses for driving soldiers into combat and general getting around has been the Humvee for a long time. This vehicle has been used for many purposes, and the military is looking to replace this workhorse vehicle with a new, blast resistant vehicle to help protect soldiers. The Humvee is produced by AM General.

The company has announced that it has been granted a contract in the US military's search for a new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle worth $64.5 million. The multimillion-dollar contract is for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Development phase. Under the contract AM General will produce and deliver 22 prototype Blast Resistant Vehicle- Off road known as BRV-O for short.

I suspect these vehicles, if adopted in the military, will be called Bravo. The vehicles delivered under the new contract will be delivered to the government for testing. AM General says that the BRV-O is based on more than 10 years of investment in research, development, and testing for the next-generation vehicle. Prototype test vehicles have already racked up 300,000 operational test miles.

The vehicle has proven to be highly reliable and maintainable during testing. One key feature of the BRV-O is modular armor and a crew capsule that has proven to be effective at protecting soldiers during government-supervised blast testing. Other features of the vehicle include a fuel-efficient high-performance engine, self-leveling suspension, a C4ISR backbone with open standard network architecture and clustered super-computing power, and other advanced components.