AlumaMax makes your Mac Pro even sexier than it already is

Remember not too long ago when we showed you a company that could turn your previous-gen iMac into something a little more colorful? Well a different company has decided to turn your Mac Pros into one of six different colors.

The AlumaMax "Custom Color Mac" differs from the service Chromatic offers on the iMac in the fact that they don't just put a cover on your computer, they change the color of the existing case (they also don't end up looking hideous). This is done by oxidizing the surface of the aluminum via an electric current. They claim that this produces a sleek metallic finish that can't be achieved with paint.

You have the choice of purchasing a brand-new Mac Pro, which starts at $4600, or just sending them your existing Mac Pro, and having them alter the case. They also provide a similar service for your Aluminum keyboards and Cinima Displays.

Service offers Mac Pros in six colors [via Macnn]