Altra IQ running shoes track metrics, work with iFit app

Altra Running has unveiled it new Altra IQ running shoe equipped with iFit tech to gather running data. There's a multi-sensor system embedded in the shoe that is said to be "razor-thin". The related connectivity pipes the data from the shoes to a smartphone or smartwatch running the iFit app. As with similar apps, the data is aggregated and presented as an analysis that tracks details over time. The app includes real-time coaching when the wearer is out for a run, and offers up an interpretation of what the data means (that you're landing too hard on one foot, as an example).

Altra says that its new shoe includes its FootShape toe box, A-Bound cushioning, and Zero Drop sole. In a hollowed out groove in the midsole lies a transmitter and the aforementioned multi-sensor system, but Altra says that you will not be able to tell when wearing the shoe.

With these sensors, the shoe determines things like the position and movements of the foot, running cadence, how long one's in contact with the ground, foot strike zone, such as whether you're striking the heel or forefoot, the amount of pressure each foot is getting, pace, how long you're out running, and how far you run.

The data is sent to the related mobile app via Bluetooth LE; the app is available to download for iOS and Android. The data, meanwhile, is stored by iFit. Recommendations based on the collected data are provided via the app, as well as the iFit GPS watch. The shoes are safe to use when in the rain, though users shouldn't machine wash them.

Price will be $199.99 USD when they launch next spring.