Alteratec 1:3 Copy Cruiser Blu LS

James Allan Brady - Feb 12, 2008

In case you need 25-50GB copied 3 or more times on a regular basis, Alteratec has what you need. It’s a Blu-Ray disc burner that can burn up to 3 copies of the same Blu-Ray simultaneously, but it also does LightScribe.

It connects via eSATA and comes with the little backplane eSATA to SATA adapter in case your computer doesn’t have eSATA built in. On top of burning Blu-Ray discs at 6x, it can also burn DVDs and CDs with ease at some pretty fast speeds as well.

Since there aren’t a lot of people likely to be copying this much data, its no surprise this system costs a small fortune. I mean on top of the hardware requirements of the PC necessary to do this, you’d have to drop the $3200 for this system and then $20+ per Blu-Ray disc to burn the content. That means on top of the $3200 for the hardware, it’ll cost you $60+ each time you use all three drives. Just doing the math real quick, after you subtract the $20 price for a Blu-Ray disc from the average price of a Blu-Ray movie (about $25) you’ll be making $5 profit per disc, if your content is worth that much, which means you’ll have to sell 640 discs before you even turned a profit, then again, this could be a good system for backups for a corporation which would make the system and the discs nearly priceless.

[via engadget]

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