Altaz Internet Clock Radio Features 3.5-Inch Touchscreen

Evan Selleck - Oct 18, 2010
Altaz Internet Clock Radio Features 3.5-Inch Touchscreen

While some alarm clocks out there may use “out of the box” ideas to wake you up, some of them like to keep it simple. The Altaz Internet Clock radio may feature plenty of extras in the package, but at its core it’s still just a clock. Fortunately, though, if you do happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, hopefully you’ll be able to lighten the mood with your favorite pictures displayed right there for you, or maybe the weather forecast for the day. Either way, the Internet Clock Radio has the power to try and give you what you want.

The new Internet Clock radio allows for you to interact with it via a 3.5-inch touchscreen display. You’ll be able to access photos from Flickr, as well as get a full weather forecast when you need it. The radio will also let you play music, watch videos, and access “all the Internet has to offer.” The result is “endless entertainment while serving as a source of information that users will find both enjoyable and useful.” The clock also features an SD card reader, integrated WiFi, and a built-in battery. You can find it on Amazon right now for an MSRP of $99.

Press Release

ALTAZ Kicks Off D&H Distributing Partnership with Launch of Internet Clock Radio

San Jose, Calif. – October 14, 2010, Silicon Valley consumer electronics manufacturer ALTAZ has launched its ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio, which doubles as a Digital Photo Frame. With its 3.5-inch display face, consumers can easily awaken to their favorite photos, the day’s weather forecast, music, video and all the Internet has to offer.

The ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio/Digital Photo Frame combo is the latest addition to the expanding ALTAZ product line, which includes the recently released ALTAZ Hybrid DVD Player.

“The ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio is a sleek, functional addition to any night stand,” said James Lin, President of Altaz, Inc. “Unlike most alarm clocks with limited old-school functionality, the ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio provides endless entertainment while serving as a source of information that users will find both enjoyable and useful.”

Via the ease of a touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, the ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio/Digital Photo Frame offers consumers Internet radio, photo slideshows, news and weather reports, video, and various popular Internet applications.

The ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio/Digital Photo Frame is now available on and the ALTAZ online store at

ALTAZ has also announced its strategic partnership with leading North American consumer electronics distributor D&H Distributing, which will expand online and brick and mortar presence of all ALTAZ products in the near future. “We are proud to have entered into this synergistic relationship with D&H.,” said Lin, ” ALTAZ is honored to have our company and products be recognized by such a consumer electronics industry leader.”

“We’re happy to introduce ALTAZ’s line to our dealers, including the new Internet Clock Radio/Digital Photo Frame, which presents an interesting mix of formats for consumers to enjoy,” said Rob Eby, vice president of purchasing at D&H Distributing. “The buying public is on the look-out for more inventive ways to share and play their digital media, so offerings like ALTAZ’s always provide an advantage for our customers.”

Continued Lin, “The D&H partnership will complement ALTAZ’s efforts to reach appropriate consumer segments as ALTAZ continues to utilize innovative technologies to create solutions that consumers want…stylish, functional, high quality, easy-to-use products.”

About ALTAZ, Inc.

With headquarters in San Jose, Calif., the heart of Silicon Valley, ALTAZ, Inc. designs and manufactures consumer electronics and technology products that are innovative, functional yet stylish and intuitive in design, as well as easy to use and enjoy. The mission of ALTAZ is to exceed the expectations of customers by offering products of exceptional quality for tremendous value. With more than a decade of experience in consumer electronics product development, the respected ALTAZ senior management team is well-versed in consumer research, product design and development, sales, and marketing. ALTAZ executives have a successful track record of introducing a wide array of consumer electronics products ranging from the latest LCD and plasma TVs and radio alarm clocks to cutting-edge videophones and digital photo frames. For more information, please visit

About D&H Distributing
As the nation’s leading technology distributor, D&H provides a wealth of resources to empower the dealer, installer, and reseller channels, while delivering a broad selection of categories, products and applications. D&H’s offerings span the sectors of consumer electronics, home entertainment, home networking and automation, small office/home office, video surveillance, digital imaging, videogaming, and beyond. D&H’s multi-market expertise, account-dedicated sales teams, sterling service and flexible financing options are unrivaled in the industry. With an impressive 93-year history serving as a trusted advisor to the supply channel, D&H has been able to consistently reinvent itself based upon changing market conditions. The company prides itself on creating business partnerships with an astute focus on ease-of-doing-business, relationships, value, performance and service. The company ships out of five separate locations in North America, including its US headquarters in Harrisburg, Penn., and its Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. Additional US warehouses are located in Atlanta, Ga.; Chicago, Ill; and Fresno, Calif. For more information, please visit

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