Alpha Dog Robot Is Just As Creepy As Big Dog Robot

One of the things that places a limit on how far a military patrol can roam is the amount of gear like food, water, and ammo they can carry with them. The military is working on getting some devices like robots into the field that will be able to carry packs and supplies for soldiers over any terrain. A company called Boston Dynamics has previously unveiled the Big Dog four-legged robot that was sufficiently creepy.

The company has now unveiled a larger robot that can handle even larger loads described as the "Big Dog on Steroids" and called the Alpha Dog. The robot can carry up to four hundred pounds of gear over rough terrain. The robot has enough power to navigate the terrain carrying the gear for missions up to 20 miles lasting up to 24 hours. DARPA and the US Marines are planning to test the robot next year.

The Alpha Dog has GPS navigation capability and computer vision so it can follow the squad automatically. The Alpha Dog is every bit as creepy as the original. I think a gun mounted on its back would scare the pants off the enemy if it came lumbering over a hill. It's not quite, so no stealth missions for this thing. Check out the video to see the Alpha dog in action.

[via KurweilAI]