Alpha 2 humanoid robot is a tiny personal assistant

A new and very small robot has debuted called Alpha 2. This bot looks like a toy but promises the power to be intelligent, interactive, and expandable. The bot is designed for use by the whole family, not just as a plaything for the kids. The bot has a bunch of functions and can hold conversations allowing it to be a tutor or an interpreter.

Alpha 2 could help those with health issues thanks to reminders to alert people when they need to take medications. Other functions include alarm services to do things like time your cooking and the bot can make calls and check voicemails. It can also control WiFi enabled printers and fax machines.

Alpha 2 has the ability to control smart appliances including lights, locks, and can set WiFi enabled alarms and security systems. Rounding out the features is the ability to tell you the weather, take photos and video, and tell stories.

Alpha 2 has 20 joins and can replicate human motion. The bot is on indiegogo seeking $100,000 and has raised over $129,000 at writing with 30 days to go. A pledge of $499 will get a red early bird edition of the Alpha with shipping expected in February 2016. Developer editions with more powerful servos start at $729.

SOURCE: Indiegogo