Allwinner says A20 SoC is now shipping in customer products

If you follow the gadget market with respect to tablets, smartphones, Android-powered TV sticks, and other products, you may be familiar with the name Allwinner. The company makes some of the most common processors in the gadget market used by a number of companies around the world. Allwinner has announced that its latest mobile application processor, called the A20, is now shipping inside customer devices.

This particular SoC is notable because Allwinner says that is the world's first dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 SoC. The SoC features a dual-core core Cortex-A7 CPU along with a dual-core Mali400MP2 GPU. The SoC supports H.264 2160p video playback and 1080p video playback at 30 frames per second. It also supports 720p 60 frame per second video capture.

The A20 also features an integrated HDMI transmitter, LVDS interface, and integrated TV decoder. It supports dual camera sensors and is Google CTS approved and GMS ready. The SoC supports Android 4.2.2. The manufacturer says that the architecture promises five times the energy efficiency and 50% greater performance than previous generation Cortex-A8 architecture SoCs.

This processor is also likely that land in some existing products as an upgrade. The A20 is pin to pin compatible with Allwinners A10 chipset. The company doesn't offer any details on specific products coming to market using the new SoC, but this will likely be a very popular product with Chinese gadget makers.

[via Allwinner]