Allen Band is a subscription-free wearable for the elderly

As with wearables for children, wearables for the elderly are usually designed for monitoring purposes, allowing loved ones and caretakers to keep an eye on the person and, if necessary, send help their way. These type of trackers usually come with a big downside, though — monthly subscription fees that may be beyond some wearer's budgets. The goal behind the creators of Allen Band, a wearable for the elderly, is to avoid those monthly fees.

The Allen Band was named after the maker's father who fell and suffered serious injuries after going 24 hours without help. The wearable looks similar to the other fitness wearables we've seen on the market, including a small display and bendy band. Unique, though, is an SOS button that, when pressed, sends an alert to caretakers.

The band will also do things like monitor the wearer's body temperature, mobility levels, and heart rate — if any of those things show signs of distress, an alert is sent out. Monitoring services are provided for free, as the initial cost for the band helps cover them.

The company plans to retail the Allen Band for $399, but is first seeking funding on Indiegogo, where they hope to raise $22,750 USD. So far about $19,600 USD has been raised with 9 days remaining. A pledge of $350 USD will count as a pre-order to get one of the wearables. Shipping is estimated for December 2016.

SOURCE: Indiegogo