Alleged PS4 Slim surfaces in leaked photos

The PlayStation 3 had its slim counterpart, actually two of them, so it seems only natural that Sony's hottest selling PS4 would also get its due. While the rumor mill has been relatively silent on that front, a batch of new photos have recently cropped up that seems to hint that such a console might indeed be coming. But considering how young the PlayStation 4 is in the market, some are calling out these leaks and think that it is too early for Sony to make such a move.

It usually takes a few good years before Sony puts out a slimmer version of its current consoles. If so, it probably is indeed too early fo a "PS4 Slim", considering the PS4 has only been around for a little more than over a year. And given that the PS4 has been one of Sony's best selling console yet, depending on who you believe, it seems almost insane that the company would make it obsolete so soon.

That line of thinking is causing some to call this latest leak a hoax. The batch of photos refer to a console codenamed "Monolith", which is quite ironic given this is about a smaller version of the console. Indeed, the device pictured in these photos definitely look significantly smaller and thinner than your usual PS4. Naturally, the new size requires that the console's buttons be redesigned and are now relocated beside each other and are clearly marked to avoid confusion.

A slimmer version will also require changes in the hardware, though these leaks don't include those details. The PS4 is definitely in need of some tweaks, but Sony might also have to make some compromises for the smaller size. While it might still be a bit too early to have a PS4 slim, there will undoubtedly be some who wish for a less space-consuming console in their living room. If you're one of those, then you might want to keep your eyes peeled for E3 2015 in June, when this version is rumored to debut.

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