All Star Wars Forces of Destiny Episodes on YouTube: watch them here!

This past week the folks responsible for making Star Wars a fun place to be for all people released a series of short episodes. These episodes were called Star Wars Forces of Destiny, and they contained all the most female of heroes in the Star Wars universe. These episodes are very, very short and don't have any mega-massive impact on the Star Wars canon – but they are super fun and quick to watch.

First is a playlist of all 8 episodes of the series (so far). This can be played start to finish, no hassle at all. One odd thing in this set is the backwards nature of two of the episodes – Sands of Jakku should be before BB-8 Bandits – but it's not a major deal. You'll understand what's going on one way or the other.

I've attempted to place the episodes in chronological order to the best of my ability. This is despite promises that there's no reason to do so by the folks at Star Wars who were responsible for making said episodes. No matter how much they say cannon doesn't really matter, I can't deny my desire to keep it all together in my head.

First is The Padawan Path – this features Ahsoka Tano. This episode takes place somewhere around the time that the next episode takes place. What's important is noting that they both happen in the Clone Wars era.

Above you'll see The Imposter Inside with Padme Amidala and Ahsoka Tano. What's unclear about this episode is whether or not it includes the same shape-shifter we see in Attack of the Clones. If it is, indeed, that same Changeling, she must not have actually died in that movie.

Next is an episode that takes place before the main Rebels-era meeting between our favorite Rebels crew and Princess Leia. It also features IG-88, one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe.

Above is another episode from the Rebels era. This must take place before the Rogue One film, but it doesn't necessarily have to happen before or after the Rebels meeting with Leia above. They could be happening at exactly the same time – who knows? Below is an episode which takes place during the events of The Empire Strikes Back.

Below is an episode which takes place during Return of the Jedi. This and what's above again feature Princess Leia.

Next is a couple of episodes with Rey. These happen in close proximity with one-another, both happening very soon after Rey first happens upon BB-8. Here it's interesting to find Teedo's role change from a tiny, relatively harmless creature to an aggressive junk-stealer.

The same is true of the Nightwatcher Worm – where before we'd only seen it for a moment in The Force Awakens, now it's a major piece of work. This beast popped up just after BB-8 left the encampment in The Force Awakens – it has glowing eyes. Below you'll see some excellent speeder action through the crashed Star Destroyer we've seen before.

This collection of videos is in the Star Wars universe and canon – but they're not as hard-and-fast as the movies or the books or the comics. As Star Wars Holocron Keeper Leland Chee said earlier today, "Forces of Destiny episodes are not posted in any sort of chronological order with the exception of the first two Rey shorts. As there are more episodes on the way, I won't be posting anything that clarifies the timeline beyond what's in the actual episodes."

"Just keep in mind that they are developed as stand-alones," said Chee. Chee also mentioned that there'll be a full TV special with these – and other bits and pieces – this Fall, 2017.