All of the Fortnite secrets you missed in Sony's PS5 teaser yesterday

Yesterday, Sony revealed the gameplay for a number of titles coming to the PlayStation 5, as well as one game we're already familiar with: Fortnite. The entire clip was quite brief at only around 40 seconds in length and it mostly served to highlight the graphics boost players can expect to get on the upcoming console. However, if you looked closely, there were a few interesting teasers.

The entire Fortnite game preview on PlayStation 5 is in the video below. There's a quite obvious graphics boost in the game on PS5, including more detailed tree renders, richer contrast, more realistic fire, and an overall more saturated, dynamic style that is readily notable — at least in the YouTube video.

In addition to the graphics sneak peek, the video also teases a few changes that may be coming to the game in the next season. There is, first and foremost, a new elimination animation that shows players dissolving into a pile of holographic cubes. This differs from the current animation, which involves a drone swooping down and emitting a few concentric rings as it hoovers up the light the player dissolved into.

This seems to indicate that Epic has updated the kill animation in Fortnite and may introduce it with the game's fifth season. In addition, it's possible we'll see the return of a popular healing item: the Chug Jug. The item makes a prominent appearance in the PS5 teaser video, so it seems unlikely that Epic may have added it into the scene without much forethought.

Of course, that doesn't mean the item is guaranteed to return to the game — it is possible that Epic just wanted a bunch of blue liquid to show off the colors and contrast in the updated graphics and the Chug Jug was the best option. Likewise, if you've been playing the game long enough, your ear probably picked up on the new sound effect from the Rocket Launcher, indicating that Epic may also be updating some of the sound effects to go along with the enhanced graphics.