All-in-one Twitch Studio streaming app arrives for beta testing

Streaming service Twitch is making it easier for anyone to stream on its platform via Twitch Studio, a streaming app that has arrived for beta testing. Twitch describes the software as an all-in-one solution for new streams, simplifying the setup process and offering tools for engaging with viewers.

Streaming setups can range from simple to very complex, though the latter are typically reserved for full-time streamers who treat their channel as a job. For those who are new to streaming, setting up one's hardware and getting everything situated can be tricky.

The Twitch Studio app helps solve that by guiding users through the setup process, including making sure the microphone is active and adjusting the video's white balance to ensure the picture is clear. As well, users are given access to customizable templates for creating things like a 'Be right back' screen.

The app is designed for more than just setting up the stream, however, also offering simplified access to controls and community features. Users can, for example, easily switch the stream to the 'Be right back' screen, monitor a chat feed, see stream activity, preview the streaming video, post messages, and more.

Twitch Studio is now available as a beta. The app has limited features at this time, according to the company, which is encouraging testers to send feedback and report any bugs they encounter. This is a closed beta, meaning you'll need to provide your email address and hope you receive an invite.