Alioscopy demo 40-inch 3D glasses-free TV

French imaging company Alioscopy have apparently been drawing crowds at the Singaporean CommunicAsia expo with their 3D display that requires no special glasses be worn by the viewer.  Measuring 40-inches, the demo display has a price-tag of $10,526 and uses an optical filter-coated panel and specially encoded 3D videos that combine multiple perspectives into the same picture.

In fact, the system sounds very similar to the WOWvx technology Philips recently demonstrated in their own glasses-free 3D display.  Both rely on depth information recorded from a number of slightly different points-of-view – nine in WOWvx, eight for Alioscopy – that is refracted onto the different filter layers of the panel.  Each system can display pre-mixed 3D video or create the 3D effect in real-time; alternatively, both can display normal 2D pictures.  However the big difference would seem to be bandwidth: WOWvx supposedly needs only a little extra above plain 2D video, whereas Alioscopy's system demands 9GB per minute.

I've had a trawl through the WOWvx site and can't find mention of Alioscopy, so I can only assume they're different systems trying to achieve the same thing in a similar way.  According to company reps, 46 and 56-inch 3D displays are coming next, with Alioscopy targeting digital signage and marketing as primary customers.

[via Crave Asia]