Alienware Wireless speaker get a clay mold

James Allan Brady - Oct 15, 2007, 1:50 pm CDT

It’s not even a real clay mold; it’s a digital representation of a clay mold. All I have to say is by release, they better look a lot better, color schemes and a nice mesh or honeycomb grill could really be all it takes to fix their looks, the shape is fine for the most part.

Some features would be good too, so far all we have is that they will be wireless and that they could look something close to this. Personally, I am hoping for Bluetooth, go all the way Alienware, make a Bluetooth profile that allows two audio outputs to be paired together to work with a single audio source, I know you can do it.

All you’d have to do is create the part where the two audio outputs pair with each other and then inherit the A2DP profile with some enhancements. Other than that, there could be a Bluetooth remote that controls volume and power, maybe rechargeable batteries included with a charger, might as well leave them plugged in when they are on your computer desk, then just unplug them to carry them across the room.

Wireless computer speakers by Alienware [via gizmowatch]

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