Alienation trailer shows best PS4 multiplayer yet

If you're all about an overhead battle between light and bloody meat, you're going to be pumped about Alienation. This game is exclusive to PlayStation 4 (at least at launch) and will be rolling out later this year. Alienation was developed by Housemarque, the creators of Dead Nation and Resogun.

Expect light to blast forth from your beastly machine-guns. This game will put this team's previous release Super Stardust to shame. As the game has an 18+ rating, you're going to need to understand from the outset this is not a child-friendly experience.

Expect electro-metal music while you're at it. Multi-person shields, double-dishing blasters, and heaving multiplayer action the likes of which have not yet appeared on any of this generation's gaming consoles.

This game looks like it'll be the best reason to buy a second PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller, as it were. Or you could just share it with your friend over the web with PlayStation 4 Share Play. That'll be appearing in PlayStation 4 System Update v2.00 – appearing soon!

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