Alien Tech Projector keeps it cheap

It's an LCD projector from a company I couldn't readily find through a Google search, and that there aren't very many stats for. We know what it looks like, that it weighs 1.5 kilograms, and that it has a standard set of RCA inputs which means it should work with most of your home theater as long as it isn't HD based.

The handle on the front doubles as a stand and it comes with a vertical stand in case you want to display it on the ceiling. I really wouldn't recommend using it for anything other than casual gaming or television viewing, but whatever you want to try go for it.

Judging from the pictures and lack of info I am going to assume it has a standard def resolution of 600x480. This projector is available from iWOOT for £149 which is pretty close to $300 and they ship to the US for an extra $15 so for $315 you could have a decent gaming projector sent to your house, although if you are rough on your gadgets or support is an important factor for you, I'd find a company that has a website at least.

Low End Projector Goodness From Alien Tech [via UberReview]