Alexa Choose Your Own Adventure details: How to activate

The folks at Audible have teamed up with the official Choose Your Own Adventure brand to pair with Amazon's Alexa. The company that made Choose Your Own Adventure goes by the name Chooseco. They've been so wildly successful with the Choose Your Own Adventure brand and series of books that they've got their own company. Now they're bringing a skill, with Audible, to Amazon's Alexa system.

Why would Alexa offer a Choose Your Own Adventure for free, right here, right now? To get you back into the fold. To make you remember how awesome it is to be able to Choose Your Own Adventure. Now, once you're deep in the Choose Your Own Adventure mood, you'll want to continue forward, through Audible, probably.

Today there's a couple of books available through Alexa. The Abominable Snowman and Journey Under the Sea are both available in Alexa right this minute. You'll need an Amazon Echo device, a Fire tablet, or a device with official Amazon Alexa abilities in the mix. All you'll need to do is say, "Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure from Audible."

Audible and ChooseCo created these stories to git this format specifically. Both books are narrated by professional voice actors and will make you wish you had thought ahead and purchased a whole bunch of actual, physical, paper Choose Your Own Adventure books before you finish either tale here digitally. To navigate the adventure, you'll use commands like "go left" and "start over" and maybe even "recall what it's like to enjoy an adventure in your own mind."

These two free tales offer a whopping 65 different endings. Uses with devices like Echo Show will have additional bits and pieces to work with – like illustrations based on the parts of the story that you've reached. It's time to return to a place of sophistication and oddity – and choices. So very many choices, and such an easy path toward total and complete immersion in adventure.