Alexa Blueprints will DIY you straight to the dark side

I'm a luddite when it comes to our future AI overlords, but when I saw how fun Amazon Alexa Skill Blueprints were, I gave in. Or at least I expect to give in a little bit. When I'm able to customize Alexa's responses to my questions, that's where I change a tune. When I "see how easy it is to create a skill with blueprints," I sort of lose my mind and go into silly mode.

The following video shows users how to create their own Alexa Blueprints. It begins with a simple set of templates, not unlike what's offered with IFTTT. Where IFTTT connects with all manner of apps and services, Alexa Blueprints is mostly still kept to itself.

Each of these new Alexa Skills works with every single Alexa device I've got in my home. That means the HTC U11 with Alexa, all Amazon Echo devices, and 3rd-party Alexa-infused devices too. From what I've seen and tried so far, it would appear that Amazon's been perfecting this DIY interface for a while – it works surprisingly well.

With the Custom Q&A skill I could potentially make Alexa's response to all my questions be: "The answer is fart. Fart all day long." That's a powerful value proposition. I love making machines say what I want. Basically I'm going to need to make Harvey.

The future is here. Now that I can create Madlibs that can be instantly installed in all the robots I have around my home, I'm gone. I'm never coming back. Forget all that stuff I said about trust. It's all over but the shouting.

With Amazon Alexa Skill Blueprints, Amazon just left the rest of the AI-making companies in the dust. Again. For the millionth time, Amazon pulled ahead in this race by a lap or two. There's always a place for healthy competition here, but seriously: Amazon remains the champion right this minute.