ALEUTIA low power computers for touch places

James Allan Brady - Dec 11, 2007, 11:12am CST

Can your PC get more green that the 8 watts that this PC uses? Or what about the solar panel that provides pretty much all the power this PC needs?

Sure you can come up with other ways to power it, but this is a highly efficient PC. It’s a small Linux-based PC using a CF card for the hard drive. That’s the base system, from there you can add a battery that will last for 14 hours, a solar panel, and a low power 10” monitor.

They say that an average UPS, one that would last a normal PC about 15 minutes, yeah, that will power this PC for about 6.5 hours. They are kind of pricey though, the base system (the black box plus the CF card with Linux on it) will cost you £199 for international delivery and the whole system, the battery, solar panel, low power monitor, and the base system all combined will cost you £499, but the upside is, apparently it all fits in a laptop bag, and takes 5 minute or less to setup, and, you don’t need to find a power source immediately if you already have the battery charged, you can wait till later and find one, or set-up the solar panel.

Off-grid computer invites you to dream up charging methods [via MAKE]

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