Alcatel teases Palm fans with possible brand comeback

Palm was the company behind some of the original PDAs that some fans of the iPhone and Android devices today cut their teeth on. Palm was unable to compete when the smartphone boom started in earnest and eventually went out of business with the name and patents belonging to several companies before winding up with HP. HP only wanted the webOS operating system from Palm and left the company name defunct before webOS failed too and disappeared.

A new website has turned up online with the URL and the familiar Palm logo is there along with the words "Smart Move" and "Coming Soon". The clear indication is that the Palm brand will be making a comeback at some point. It is believed that TCL Communication is the company behind this website.

As you may know, TCL Communication's mobile brand is Alcatel One touch. TCL's Nicolas Zibell has his name on a document from October that formalized the transfer of Palm trademarks from HP to a different firm called Wide Progress Limited LCC.

The document transferred the Palm trademarks and service marks from Palm Trademark Holding Company. The transfer included the original name of Palm, Palm Computing and the names of all former Palm products. There is no time frame or even a guarantee that Palm will come back from the dead, but why tease the name online if there are no plans to revive the brand. It's also worth noting that LG owns webOS these days.

SOURCE: Makapalm