Airspan Air4G base station integrates WiMax and LTE connectivity into one device

Airspan is showing off its new Air4G base station at MWC 2011 in Spain this week. The new base station is a cool device that will make networks more flexible for carriers and allow the network to offer more bandwidth to end users. The Air4G integrates the ability to operate both WiMax and LTE 4G networks using the same hardware.

The base station uses the MacroMAX product as the foundation for WiMax capability. The carrier can migrate the network over to LTE as they want without having to replace the hardware making an upgrade cheaper.

The compact base station is designed to be left outdoors, has MIMO capability, and advanced Frequency Doman Scheduling. That allows the base station to enable more throughput and use more of the spectrum available, which means users get more speed and better connectivity. The base station works on 700MHz to 3.8GHz frequencies.