AirMouse aims to prevent repetitive stress injuries

I have seen some strange mice over the years with different shapes and gobs of buttons. Most of them all have a specific purpose in mind be it letting gamers bind a gazillion commands to the mouse or preventing injuries like carpal tunnel for workers who spend lots of time working on a computer each day.

The latest strange mouse is called the AirMouse and comes from a company called Deanmark. The mouse slips onto the hand with section that wraps around the wrist and attachments near the thumb and on two fingers. The design claims to align itself with the ligaments of the hand making mousing speed and accuracy faster.

The same alignment with the hand also claims to be able to reduce repetitive injuries. The components are interchangeable with different fabric colors for a custom look. A laser sensor is positioned on the palm of the hand and the left and right mouse click buttons are on the fingertips. I can't help but wonder how much the design would affect typing speed and accuracy. I also wonder how a user that likes to hit keys hard would keep from clicking the mouse button.