Airbnb Collaborative Wish Lists make group trips much easier to plan

Have you ever tried planning a trip somewhere with a group of friends? It works out about as well as trying to heard cats. Everyone wants to go their own direction, and no one really wants to make the tough decisions. Eventually once everyone has had their own say, someone has to step up and start coordinating the whole thing. Well Airbnb knows this struggle, and they're here to help streamline the process.

Usually, if you're trying to book an Airbnb with one or more other people, it involves some kind of chat program, and sharing lots of links back-and-forth. Because who actually gets together in person to plan a trip? Well, the company wants to take some of the headache out of the planning process with their new Collaborative Wish Lists.

Wish Lists have been a feature of Airbnb for years, but they were limited, as they really only worked for the one person that's planning the trip. With Collaborative Wish Lists, you can add people to a special group just for the trip. Then you can all share different rentals that you're interested in, and then everyone can vote on which one is their favorite.

Sure, being able to crowdsource your rental house might not seem like the biggest feature in the world, but for those planning a group trip, I can imagine this will help things along significantly. But just like those group projects in school, you're still probably going to have to step up and do most of the heavy lifting yourself, when it comes to booking.

VIA: Airbnb