Air Guitar Move for iPhone hits Kickstarter

I would be willing to bet that at one point in your life you have played a bit of air guitar to your favorite song. If you want to take your air guitar jamming to the next level and use the iPhone a cool new accessory is on Kickstarter looking for funds. The accessory is called the Air Guitar Move and is made to work with the iPhone and iPod touch. It has a cable that plugs into the charge and sync port of the device with a motion sensing pick on the other end.

The Air Guitar Move accessory works with a rhythm action game along the lines of Guitar Hero that is designed to allow the user to rock to their own music. The device is going to come in two versions with the difference being color. The red version is limited edition and the highest bigger on the project gets the first of the limited edition versions.

The Air Guitar Move is under development and will be made at the Guitar Hero factory with former Guitar Hero engineers overseeing production. So far, the project has 59 backers and a pledge of $4,198 with 23 days to go before funding happens. The project is seeking $25,000.

[via iPhone Blog]