Air Freshener Spy Cam Is For Covert Security

I will never look at one of those plug-in air fresheners the same way again. At least now that Spycatcher Online has come up with the Air Freshener that features a 3G color camera inside anyway.

This discrete camera with built-in microphone is crammed inside a standard air freshener. This way, you can get a nice and clear picture, great sound and overall top quality from anywhere, to anywhere. The 3G service makes it so the videos taken are sent directly to you.

You could be across the world and still see the camera's images. If you have a need for covert security, this device is your best bet, especially in a home situation. It provides 1.7 hours of monitoring or up to 300 hours in standby mode. It costs £895 which is about $1,285 USD. Hopefully it has a real air freshener inside, too!

[via Coolest Gadgets]